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Adventure Travel/Sport


Adventure Sport / Travel– a glider for competitions, to fight for a place in the finals, this is a F5J glider 3m.

Victories and prizes in Russia and at the stages of the Eurotour make him a worthy rival to any other models in the F5J class, despite the fact that his wing span is 3 meters.

Yes, a 3-meter glider has a number of advantages: a smaller rolling couple of inertia, a smaller pitching couple of inertia, lower absolute weight, which means greater thrust-to-weight ratio.

This means that a compact 3-meter glider has the ability to “handle” narrower flows, gain altitude where larger models do not fit into the thermal, more effectively “brake” on landing.

Since Adventure F5J is an electric glider, the motor, controller and batteries can be less powerful, which means you don’t have to overpay for more expensive equipment.


Specification and configuration of Adventure

Adventure Sport / Travel - this is a compact F5J glider 3m.

This is the only 3 meter electric glider in the world for international competitions, which can be carried in a standard suitcase on an airplane.

It is impossible to find any sports model F5J in the markets and transport it without paying extra for a special carrying case, and then for extra baggage.

But you can buy Adventure Sport / Travel 3 meters and fly to any country, to any competition.

Our 3-meter electric glider is also an opportunity to take it with you on vacation.

And this is an opportunity to fly anywhere - on the seashore and in the mountains, in the desert and in green fields.


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Color schemes:

Adventure 3m Sport / Travel is a unique F5J compact glider.

Pre-flight assembly from a suitcase takes only 6 minutes.

And if it rains in the field (or maybe snows), then you can take apart Adventure 3m and fold quick disassembling glider into the trunk of a car even faster. By the way, our F5J quick assembling glider fits in the trunk of any car, we checked!


Disassembled Adventure F5J can be placed in a suitcase.

Are you travelling to competitions or on holiday ?

Do not waste your time and money on making a special transportation case!

Creators of Adventure

Adventure Sport / Travel is a F5J class RC glider 3m.

So, it is equipped with a receiver that has antennas.

Their location on the fuselage is a problem, since they should be located as far as possible from carbon surfaces.

Of course, you can buy a glider without thinking about it, and postpone the decision for later.

But the best solution is our Adventure f5j 3m Sport / Travel glider.

Because our fuselage is made of kevlar and fiberglass, which means it is RADIO-TRANSPARENT!

This means that the antennas can be easily placed inside the fuselage.

This means that the glider does not have “wires” on the outside and they do not cling to during transportation, in a bag, and they cannot be torn off accidentally.

Product is delivered in its original packaging: